Saturday, April 26, 2008

Change is in the Air

Here is the extraneous sheets and blankets from the linen closet.

And here is the closet now. The pink basket on the left is my dirty laundry (full disclosure)

Well, Valerie you asked. I'M MOVING

I must have read Sandra's blog too closely. And where are my weaving studio clones when I really need them? I have lived in this condo for 18 years and have gotten just a little too comfortable. I have spoken at length about dematerialization, so now I have a chance to put my words into action.

Where am I moving to, you might ask? I don't know is the current answer. I have a 5 year plan to find the place where I will live out my days. Moving now will give me the opportunity to get rid of a lot of "stuff", so it will be easier to make the "real" move. Once the energy gets stirred up, the next step will be revealed, at least that's what I am counting on. I plan to stay in the neighborhood for now, so I will continue to shop in the same stores and have the same phone number etc.

Now I am off to tackle the storage unit in the garage. It is packed to the gills with empty boxes and all the stuff that didn't sell at last year's yard sale. I am going to haul it off today and donate it (since I will have lots of new yard sale items)

I plan to weave a little everyday to keep me sane.


Valerie said...

what a sane thing to do! Plan out for 5 years...but clean out today!

Good for you!

I'll be watching for the daily weaving.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Whew! I hope this moving virus is not contagious...............!

Laritza said...

One day at a time. Take it easy!