Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello From Gary

 Hey, remember me? This is Gary, the 48" 8 harness Cherry Wood Fireside Loom, weaving to you in a charming retro-style.


Weaving with natural plant matter weft with a jute warp was popular back in the mid 20th century. Bonnie wove countless weed hangings back then.

 When she lived in Montana in the 70's, she was captivated by the unusual and varied dried wild flowers.

 A friend offered her a bunch a willow, and another friend gave me the short stalks of a lavender harvest.

The very first weed weaving she created in 1961 is hanging in her mom's condo, and believe it or not, it still looks as fresh and new as the day she wove it.

Stay tuned for pictures from the weed achieves.