Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 I realize I haven't been keeping up, but it was either weave or blog. You know what won. Here is how I often wind an "Almost Ikat" warp. (lots of small bouts which I can arrange once I am at the loom)

It is most interesting to me to watch the design unfurl

And then when I wind back, I get my first look at my warp.

Well, then there is that magical weaving part (un-pictured) and at last cutting off the loom.

Finished scarves will be posing soon. I am aiming for 24

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I was going to call this--A SCARF A DAY-- but after 4 days, my back said to slow down. But let me tell you how difficult it is... The yarn is so beautiful! Thank you Mountain Colors!

And a weft of 3 shades of recycled cashmere (hereafter to be known as "Outstanding Moral Fiber")

 I am sorry I don't have pictures of the Missoula Weavers Guild visits Mountain Colors. But I do have some of the results. So I actually dyed this warp (although I dyed it in a 100 gram skein and wound the warp after).

Yes, you can make a 7" wide, 3 yard warp with one skein of Weavers Wool. Below are the 4 scarves I wove this week.