Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And Weaving

 Sometimes I believe the warps are better before they are woven, but not in this case. This particular horoscope weaving incites my "aura envy" (grin). Webs Yarn makes several variegated tencel colorways. My client selected

This particular colorway is called Mountain Stream. 

Always my favorite moment---cutting off the loom.

This is as far as it goes today, But I will be sorry to send this one off into the world.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Yes, I am Still Alive

 After a rather long break, here is weaving going on the loom! And now I begin the season of  Tencel, hopefully a fiber for all seasons. I'll have to weave at least a dozen pieces before I know enough about Tencel. I remember that I turned my nose up when I first heard about this yarn many years ago, and I said "I would never use Tencel". I should know by now that when I never...... I also wrote in my college weaving journal "I HATE STRIPES"

This particular tencel comes from WEBS. Hopefully I will be able to talk Cotton Clouds (who also carries this yarn) to make up Color Horoscope Weaving Kits, like they offer in Bambu 7 & 12).

The way that bamboo yarn seems to be a bit "wooley", tencel is much more "silky". I had problems with tension on the first and second piece I did, but I take my time and think good thoughts. Now #4 and #5 (in picture) have been much better.   

I really like the colors in this horoscope. It makes me curious to see what my horoscope would look like in 8/2 tencel.