Friday, May 28, 2010


Life has interfered with my postings, but not with my weaving. I will share some life stuff soon, but the weaving is certainly more interesting.

These were the two winning colors.

Yes, my favorite part!

These scarves came out very well. I did not get as good a picture as I had hoped, but I have asked to receive a picture of the recipient modeling scarf. Both scarves were delivered and on their way.

Which left me to complete the towels---no more hawing---just hemming.

Of course, if you get a couple of good movies to watch, the hemming just happens.

These will go in the mail on Tuesday. I will have to play with them for a couple more days before I can let them go.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which Weft

Left up to me, I would just continue to weave horizontal stripes, changing color at my whim. But it is not always up to me.

This scarf is going to be a surprise, so the purchaser had to find out favorite colors without tipping her hand. Here are my directives:
  • Vibrant colors---bright green is one of her favs (There is no bright green in Bambu 12)--then I'd say yellow, blue (also no bright blue in B12)---and maybe pink or purple---all bright bright!


Since I have enough warp for 2 scarves, and I just had to begin weaving for my mental health, I picked the bright yellow. The picture below is not as bright as the weaving actually is. The lighting is strange this morning.

It is an interesting exercise to weave with a color with which I don't particularly resonate. I have to keep in mind that this scarf is going to the Southwest, and bright in the Northwest is not the same.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


THE HEMMING: For some strange reason I can't seem to get myself to cut apart those ikat towels. While I am working up the (umph) to cut, I hemmed the Irene's Baby Blanket and got it shipped off. I really love the subtle effect of the variegated yarn around each planet. This blanket will be on display at Convergence in the Cotton Clouds booth.

THE HAWING: I decided I should wind another warp instead of finished off those towels. Here is the color selection for a Woven Words scarf 80% paid for with Cashmere Dollars (For every old cashmere sweater a client brings me, I take $35 off the price of a weaving). I am using Bambu 12, will double the ends and sett at 24 epi.

The client selects 3 or 4 meaningful words and their favorite colors, and I combine the words and colors into a healing scarf. The ikat-like stripe separate the words. The width of the ikat stripes is flexible and is determined by how wide I want the finished scarf to be.

These warps are always such a surprise since the starting point is what I want to say rather than what I want the weaving to look like. I, who would never choose yellow as a favorite color am totally amazed at how that big yellow stripe "makes" this warp. I can't wait to start weaving this scarf.

The words (from right to left) COURAGE/FAMILY/HOPE/LOVE

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What to Do While I am Working Up the Courage to Cut the Towels Apart

When I was at the WARP meeting, Irene and I exchanged ideas for ways to improve the Color Horoscope Weaving Kits. I had this idea for the Baby Blanket and decided the only way to see if was an improvement was to weave it.

Instead of having a wide solid white border and having 1" wide solid colored planet stripes, I thought it would be more interesting to use some variegated yarn.

I really love the effect of the variegated yarn.

The planets still stand out. Compare this with the picture of the weaving with the Teddy Bear (to the right)

I just cut the blanket off the loom. I seem to be on a roll. The blanket measured 33"x74" before laundering. It is in the dryer with 3 tennis balls as I write, so now I have no excuse for not cutting the towels apart and hemming them. (unless I decide wind another warp instead) Grin!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weaving About WARP

Although I don't have adequate words to describe my impressions of attending a WARP meeting, I came home and immediately began an ikat project. Of course it helped that I got a commission to weave 5 towels. (the day after I got home!) I went through my very limited cotton stash and discovered I had just enough 8/2 unmercerized cotton yarn left over from my Turned Weft Ikat article in WeaveZine and the last Ikat workshop I taught.

The commission came on a Monday. On Tuesday I had a woman coming to the studio to watch me dress the loom, so I wound my warp (6 yds long 17" wide, sett 24 epi). So by the end of Tuesday, I was ready to weave!

I never know what these weavings will look like until I am actually weaving. I know I have said this before, but it is always a surprise.

I used a different weft color for each towel and kinda sorta measured---but not really.

And then my very favorite part---releasing the weaving---dragging the woven warp across the room....snapping a pic

Now I have to launder, cut apart and hem.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Still Digesting WARP

There is so much to say. I don't know where to begin. As the plane was landing in Phoenix, I said to myself WARP--Weave A Real Peace, WEFT-- Weaving Earth's Family Together. That phrase set the stage for a truly life-changing weekend.

Here I am with Irene and Dorinda. Here is the story on Irene's blog. It's really good.

The setting was magical. The temperature was in the upper 60s (very unusual I'm told). The desert was mostly in bloom (or just about to)

Delightful objects for sale from Peru, Africa, Bolivia. About the Peruvian knitted finger puppets pictured below: Each one has a distinctive personality. I had to get one for every finger! I had given then all away by the time I had been home for 24 hours. Here is a link on how you can get some of your very own.

This hardly gives you an idea, but it is better than woven bacon. More to follow.