Thursday, May 1, 2014


Combining moments of time in woven thread and color has been a journey spanning more than a half century.  Every once in a while, it is useful to throw open the cedar chest and take a look at one’s “treasures”. I always try to save a little bit of everything I have woven. Each individual thread you see was a part of a scarf, shawl, blanket, towel, garment, or hanging.  
Although I have never actually made a quilt, I believe I am “quiltish”. I love putting many small pieces together to create a cloth bigger than the loom and beyond my imagination.
THE POWER OF GATHERING OVER TIME is a material manifestation of the spirit and an expression of gratitude presented for your enjoyment and the enrichment of the community.

The 144 Lavender Pillows are up in addition to 2 other "quiltish" creations. 

Tomorrow is the First Friday opening at The 4 Ravens Gallery in Missoula from 5-8 PM
Below I am brewing up some lavender tea to serve at the opening. It amazes me to see how purple (or you could say "lavender") the water turns when in first contact with the lavender flowers. Soon after it turns a rose gold color.