Thursday, July 28, 2011

And the Weave Goes On

Here is my new Grace-full studio. Gary, as you know, is living elsewhere for the foreseeable future.
My first piece in the new studio will be a Bambu 12 Woven Words scarf with the words
(fittingly) GRACE/RELEASE. I like to do a wrapping before I wind a warp. It gives a chance to see and work out some of the colors.

As you know, the client selects both the words and the colors. I am merely the agent in this co-creating process. I use the black and white "almost ikat" to separate the words.

And, again, that most wonderful and scary moment---cutting the weaving off the loom.

And then the most exciting moment--walking backwards across the studio while holding the beginning edge of the weaving.

Stay tuned for more on the words: Grace and Release!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weaving Spirit, Weaving Spirit, Weaving Spirit

For some reason the other day, I googled Weaving Spirit. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a website called Weaving Spirit. Curious, I clicked on it to discover a website (happily it has to do with weaving) newly (this year) added to helping weavers by selling products produced in Mexico.

I am in no way connected to this website nor are they connected to me. I never bothered to purchase the domain name Weaving Spirit (perhaps I should have).

They do have a nice website. I am sending them a link to this blog post, inviting them to comment here and share about their weaving journey.