Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gary's Last Words

As my moving date looms large (pun intended), it seems that in order for me to move into the apartment of my dreams---Gary will not be able to make the move with me. As I wove the words ADVENTURE/LOVE/LAUGH/CLARITY, it became clear to me that Gary was ready to have an adventure on his own. He hasn't yet figured out what he is going to do, but we have had a lovely weave together.

I've had a couple of people offer to house Gary, and I would be able to come and weave whenever I wanted.

There have been a couple of times that I tried to sell Gary, but I had no takers. Ideally, someone close by would either be interested in buying or renting, and I would have visitation rights (be able to weave 2 pieces a year on him). I can weave most everything I need to weave on Grace.
(with a few exceptions) As I get older, I find it easier to weave on a smaller loom.

I will keep you posted. If you have been hankering for a fabulous Fireside Loom, this might be the time. (And summer is a great time to come to Montana)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Lemonade and Paying it Forward and Loose Ends

Several months ago, there appeared on Facebook the opportunity to Pay It Forward. If you were among the first 5 people to respond, the person who posted would send you a gift of something they had made (within the upcoming year). In turn, you had to post on your page and then make a gift for the first 5 people who responded. I don't think it has been 6 months, but I have just completed my gifts. I have the list of 5 and will contact them.

The lemonade part of the post is that this warp was originally going to be towels for the towel exchange, and I made the warp too narrow. Instead of fixing it, I just decided to weave it off as is. So I experimented instead. The pinkish piece off to the left is woven with cashmere. The bluey one in the middle is rayon chenille, and the white is a thick cotton chenille. I was quite pleased with how each of them came out of the dryer. And I look forward to sending out my Pay It Forward gifts.

Back to the warp at hand. Here is a little scarf I pulled off Grace (posing on my newly warped loom)
Woven Words and Almost Ikat warp all ready to go....

Sometimes it is hard to begin.....