Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Virtual Quilter Tells All

My recent absence has been due to preparing a new lecture. I went through ALL of my images (slide, print, and digital) and pulled out everything with a quilty look or feel to it. The slides won, so I had my digitals converted to slides. After this, though, I am definitely going the other way.
Here are all of my show and tell set out and ready to go. My presentation was to the Contemporary Quilt Art Association, so I wanted to get as close to that "place" where weaving and quilt making meet. I was surprised to discover that I hang out in that "place" quite a bit. The talk was amazing and went over very well, if I do say so myself. My intention was to entertain, inspire and motivate, and I was assured I achieved my goals. A VIRTUAL QUILTER TELLS ALL has now been added to my repertoire. Now I will have to create a workshop to go along with the talk.

Here is what is on Grace, the loom.

Here is what is sitting on my table. The balls of yarn are recycled cashmere. The book I just bought today, The Meaning of Trees by Fred Hageneder---botany, history, healing lore, had been calling out to me from the window of Rainbow Remedies. The red weaving is the bamboo/cashmere piece I just cut off the loom, and the ikat is from my last towel warp. A towel from the same warp has made it over to Stef's blog as part of the towel exchange

Suddenly life is very busy. I will make every attempt to keep up both in the blog and out there in real life. Among other things, I am beginning the run up to a Wrapped Silk Jewelry Workshop and a Keynote Address, Traveler By Loom. I will put links to these things as I go along. Now to inventory my jewelry supplies.

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Laritza said...

So pretty! missed you