Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My Horoscope Shawl always draws admirers. It is fascinating to see how my birth date (1/20/47) is transformed into a beautiful range of colors. I wear this "unique" shawl more than any other accessory in my wardrobe, because it goes with everything. Bonnie's Color Horoscope Warp workshop introduced me to two new concepts: winding three ends (in one pass) on the warping board ......and using 12 colors in one weaving (some colors I have never used before).

I took my first weaving lesson from Bonnie in 1972, and she has been inspiring me ever since. Irene Monroe

Hi Bonnie. You may remember that I was interested in applying your ikat technique to a rep rug. I finally managed to do it!

Here are a couple of pictures my Turned Weft Fake Ikat . I used spaced dyed yarn for the block patterns in the warp, and set up the weft as you taught us.

Great fun!

Linda LaMay

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Leigh said...

Ah, so it's really a birthday shawl, I get it. It's absolutely gorgeous!