Monday, April 28, 2008

Next Steps

These pictures are all slightly out of focus, but then so am I.
For all of you who think my studio is so tidy, check out this closet. It really was much worse than this, but I have already hauled out stuff. A weaving friend came by yesterday and purchased ALL the remaining yarn I had for sale!

Yesterday I tackled the kitchen cupboards and the pantry. This is all the stuff I no longer need or want. I am about to post on, a new experience for me. Some of the more interesting stuff I will save for the yard sale. As soon as I complete emptying the storage unit, I will have room to store more stuff.

And Grace waits patiently for a little attention. (really out of focus)

And then to top it all off, I just received a package containing 10 cashmere sweaters! I am delighted---especially with the precious purple.

I plan to post other things besides sorting and packing, but if you see anything you can't live without, let me know. (grin)

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