Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Knew?

Forgive and Forget in 2 colorways
Only the one on the left has been washed in the picture above. When I washed the pink one, WOW! I am sold.
I tried to take some pictures that would show just how fantastically soft and more supple the 20 epi. cloth is. It feels just like the most wonderful cashmere. Imagine hoping for cold weather.

Peg and Ames both encouraged me to try out 18 epi. I have this piece on the loom all ready to go at 24 epi, but I rethreaded through the 12 dent reed in a 2,1,2,1, pattern with even more wonderful result. Thanks, you guys! I still don't think I have quite a 50/50 though. I also used the same 3 colors of cashmere tripled for the weft. You can really see the double strands of bamboo.

So What Have You Be Up To

Which weft to use ? Blue? Lavender? Pink?I couldn't decide, so I used all three. I'm just about ready to cut this off the loom. (Here I am using the close-up feature on my new camera)

Someone ordered 16 greeting cards, so I fished out my supplies and made them this evening. These are from collages I made several years ago.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gaining Momentum

The look, feel and drape of the Bambu 12 doubled and sett at 20 epi is just heavenly. Farewell to 24 epi. Do I have the courage to give 18 epi a try? I'll let you know.
Another feature on the plus side is that the fabric wrinkles less and the wrinkles hang out. Here are some stats of interest: Before washing in warm and drying on medium 19"x 84 1/2". After wash and dry, 17 1/4"x 76"
Remember my FORGIVE AND FORGET scarf? Bambu 12 doubled, sett 24 epi with triple strand un-knitted cashmere weft. My mother selected the colors for the words on the right.

My ex-cousin in law selected her favorite 11 colors to weave up the same words to the left. It's amazing how different they look. Plus I decided to change the sett on the second one to 20 epi. I believe the scarf will feel even better, but I will let you know.

Meanwhile I am playing around with some different colors of cashmere for the weft. If you have an opinion, let me know. Pink? Blue?

A couple of you have emailed me to design a warp using your own words. I must say it is working out quite well. I will show you the results once I receive them. I will continue to extend the invitation, especially to those who had questions about the Woven Words concept.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting Back in Gear

One of the my favorite parts of weaving---taking the weaving off the loom.
After spending a little time around Jane Stafford, I had to rethink the sett of my bamboo. I normally double Bambu 12 and sett at 24 epi.

I decided to see what would happen at 20 epi. (moving towards a balanced plain weave).

It was fun, and it was fast. Now let's see how it washes up.

Results to follow tomorrow.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Pictures out of Coolpix

Between condo selling and apartment hunting, it's time to point and shoot.
These pictures were all taken at the same time using all the same auto setting. I wanted to get an idea of the kind of pictures this camera takes. I must say I am pleased with the color and detail.

Ball of recycled cashmere artfully decorate the condo.

I've moved the Gary Fireside against the wall to maximize the space. The warp is just itching to be woven though.

In case you thought I hadn't been weaving, here is what is on Grace. I've been weaving on it since Monday. The Woven Words: FLEXIBILITY, PATIENCE, LOVING KINDNESS (read from left to right, sort of) I accidentally inverted the first two words, so it really spells YTILIBIXELF and ECNEITAP and LOVING KINDNESS (with a little ikat stripe between each word)

These words were selected by my dear friend who began her second round of chemo on Monday. I thought I would weave my encouragement and support.

Anyone who would like to weave some healing words, please email me directly by clicking on "View My Complete Profile"

Ah, my Japanese Tree Peony in full bloom today on the patio. I was hoping I would get my camera in time to capture a picture or two. I have 12 blooms this year. I did have to prune off 5 of the buds (and a foot of height) when they painted the exterior of the building. I knew the extra height made the plant too fragile, and it was easier to wrap in plastic to protect it from the paint.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waiting for my New Nikon Coolpix P5100

I knew I needed a new camera, but I loved my little Coolpix 3100 and couldn't seem to retire it. I gave the camera to my young friend Mayukh who was returning to Hyderabad. I asked him to take pictures of his life there, so I can see everything he thinks is interesting.

Meanwhile, I feel so strange without a camera that I haven't been able to post. Then I had the bright idea to go through some of the pictures I never put on the blog but had meant to. Here is one of the slides I had scanned. I don't even remember the name of this baby, but here is another little baby with his Color Horoscope Weaving.

Now here is my friend Mayukh wearing a Color Horoscope Weaving.

And here is my favorite cousin, Dave with his pet lizard. I can't remember the name of the lizard.

Oh yes, the condo went on the market on Saturday. Here is a final look at the closet. I don't know why I am so proud of the closet. The rest of the apartment looks really great. It is interesting living poised for strangers to come tromping through at a moment's notice. I am weaving a little everyday, and soon I will be able to show you what I am up to.

The future topics will focus on what to weave while I move out of a place I have lived in for 18 years. I intend to keep both looms going and weave off all weaving orders and projects in process.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi Bonnie,

As a regular visitor of your weblog I’ld like to let you know that your information on weaving is very inspiring.

It’s very generous of you to share so much information.

I love the way you use colours and am very interested in your horoscope weaving and woven words.

I have woven a babyblanket for the expected baby of my daughter.

Although I had no colour-system what-so-ever weaving this blanket , you inspired me in using three threads of very thin wool for the weft. The warp was tencel.

Thanks to the use of these materials the blanket has got a lovely drape.

As far as the use of colours, I just put all the colours I liked together and started warping until a colour was finished or till my feeling said there was enough of that colour.

When the warp was finished all the material was used up. Just some yellow was left.

The photo added shows the result.


Irma Spaargaren (The Netherlands

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Out of the Closet

I can hardly believe I had this huge ceder chest in my closet.

Here is the space I was moving the chest into.

I also can't believe I was muscling this furniture around by myself (and only sustained one small bruise)
It's starting to look normal.

The alpaca rug in the foreground was one of the treasures I unearthed from the ceder chest. I wove it back in the 70's.

Back to work....

Monday, May 5, 2008

In and Out of the Closet

I'm still mucking around in my closets, but I had to take an afternoon off and spend a little time in the studio.
This warp is 3 words--- (left to right) FAMILY, FRIENDS, GOOD HEALTH. These words were sent to me by an old friend who is a long term cancer survivor. I asked her to send me 3 words that sustain her. In the picture above the aqua stripe to the left replaces to turquoise (just to the left of the red stripe)
A pretty easy fix, but one that stopped me for longer than it should have. I am on the way forward though. I like to have a weaving to start as soon as I finish, so now I can finish up the scarf on Grace.

The studio will remain functional throughout this moving process. (at least that it my intention.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Ultimate Warping Reel

Before regaling you with more exciting pictures of my closets and piles of trash, I just had to post these pictures. I had been searching for these for several years (another benefit of moving)

About 10 years ago I taught a Color Horoscope Weaving Workshop at the Redwood Empire Weavers. I have never seen (before or since) a warping reel like Ruth Perrault's. I hope Ruth doesn't mind my publishing this picture. Anyone reading this from the Redwood Empire Guild, please let Ruth know how inspirational she has been for me (and now for folks all over the world)
Her husband made it for her. Not only was it beautiful and compact, but she could wind a warp faster than anyone else in the class. I can't recall the wood, but it was so esthetically pleasing I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I wish I had taken more pictures because I can't tell if there is a brake and if so where it is located. Anyway, those with clever husbands might take note. (or those who are clever with wood themselves. I , myself, sometimes have trouble just sticking push pins into the wall.)