Monday, February 24, 2014

SAORI SELFIE elfie elfie

I recently had the opportunity to visit Saori Berkeley and actually sat down and wove for an hour or so. I love Saori Weaving! It is very freeing. The only thing I focused on while I wove was to NOT pay any attention to my edges. (so much discipline!)

Then when I got back home I had to finish the little bit of warp that remained on my Saori loom. I had already woven some cotton Woven Words, but I had this idea about what I wanted to play with on the last yard of warp. I decided to wind together 5 strands of my recycled cashmere yarn to see how it would weave up with the cotton warp.
  I can't seem to get the words to be where I want them to be. Oh well, Anyway the cashmere was totally yummy. When I cut the piece off the loom, I was delighted to discover the whole thing was the perfect scarf length--although one half was bright cotton stripes and the other a subtle ombre cashmere. I thought, "What a perfect Piscean scarf! And to think, it is almost my birthday!" I thanked myself for the lovely early birthday present and looked around for a way to take a picture.The 3-way mirror in the bathroom provided an interesting "selfie". It has been snowing here for the past 2 days, and my new scarf is quite warm. I haven't taken it off.