Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thank You Curious Weaver!

I had such an OMG experience on Saturday I wanted to wow you with fantastic pictures, but alas these pictures do not begin to do justice to these magnificent aprons. I knew I couldn't wait until I got the perfect pictures, so here goes.

Perhaps I will be able to do justice in words. Here's the amazing story:

On Feb. 11th, Kaz of Curious Weaver posted some lovely aprons that she had made. I wrote to her and asked if I sent some cotton fabric (enough for her to make an apron for each of us) would she make a couple for me?
I had a bunch of Guatemalan ikat
And some fabulous Indian double ikat.

I shipped it off to Australia enough fabric to make 4 aprons. Lo and behold, these unbelievable aprons arrive in the mail! I asked Kaz if it was OK for me to show off her aprons. She didn't hesitate to say yes although I warned her, she will probably start receiving apron fabric from all over the world. But then I thought that wouldn't be so bad.

I am pretty certain Kaz has posted the pattern somewhere, or has the pattern for sale if you don't happen to be a "virtual seamstress" like me. By the way, I just noticed that Kaz has a new Etsy Store. Check it out!


Valerie said...

Woah!! No way is the camera focusing on that double ikat!! But I loved seeing the aprons and the fabric.

Oh I am such a messy cook! I would never be able to use them, but they would look great hanging in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie they look great! I'm so glad you like them. The fabric you sent made everything work. I'll post up my aprons when I get to them!