Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Our Yarn Does it Again!

Several years ago, I came upon a lovely yarn company---JUST OUR YARN.

I wove a couple of delicious horoscope weavings and made some delightful wrappings with the yarn. I even overdyed in Turned Weft Ikat, and then I put the rest of the yarn away (I knew I had enough of another Color Horoscope Weaving). You know how it is when you want to hold back special yarn for a special project.

I had just enough of the ikat bits to frame each of the planets.

When I finished the weaving, I decided to wash it in the machine (I always do that), dry in the dryer (I always do that too), and then just wear it without pressing (I never do that)---just to road test it and see what happens.

Well, I think I have belatedly fallen in love with tencel! I wore like a dream. It didn't wrinkle anywhere near what I imagined, and what little it wrinkled just smoothed out when I draped it over a chair between wearings.

I know there is a lot of tencel yarn out there, but richness of colors in JUST OUR YARN is matchless! Brava!

I just spend far to long trying to find links to earlier posts showing my other cloth woven with the yarn. It turns out that I have been blogging a really long time, and my labeling system obviously leaves much to be desired. But if you have several hours with nothing to do, search through my archives (grin)