Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Slides to Digital

In addition to moving, I am also getting ready to fly up to the Handweavers, Spinners & Dyers of Alberta Conference , May 9-11. I am giving the keynote address at the banquet: Traveler By Loom. I have to take a little time off from sorting to arrange the images for my talk in addition to putting the supplies together for my workshop: Wrapped Silk Brooch. Although I will have this talk be a slide presentation (I keep saying this will be my last slide-show), I am slowing testing the waters having my slides converted to digital. Boy, they look great! Below is a very early wrapped brooch (late 80's). I can tell because I used to paint gold each individual matte board shape.

I just discovered something interesting. Since I no longer make brooches for sale, I removed the Jewelry Gallery from my website. When I went to the HSDA website to see what they had to say about me, I found this link .
I don't really understand why or how it is possible to see this, but it makes me wonder about anything and everything ever put on the internet---kind of like plastic bags---they never really disappear.

Kaz had some truly delightful purses on her blog. It made me think of these little bags I made back in the mid-90's. I called them my low tech purses (draw-string) as opposed to the high tech purse (zipper)

Now I am just procrastinating as you can tell. Back to sorting and packing!

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