Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memorial and Celebration

I am finally back home in Montana (after spending weeks in Baltimore attending my mother (Charlotte’s) funeral and staying on to make sure that Joe (Charlotte’s true love and longtime companion) was going to be OK.

I am so grateful that my mother lived long enough that I had the opportunity to completely heal our relationship. I am especially grateful to Joe who gave my mother the support and love (true love) that allowed the healing to take place. Of course, un-knitting cashmere sweaters together was a tremendously positive project; and as I survey the pounds of lovely yarn we created, I see this as Charlotte’s real legacy to me (and to everyone who gets to wrap up in a woven piece created with this precious yarn)

My mother died at age 92 in the arms of her true love on February 2, 2011 of a massive heart attack. She had 6 great grandchildren (two of which spoke at her memorial). We should all be so lucky.

I would like to share the words I spoke at Charlotte’s memorial service.

Recently I have begun to explore the path of Buddhism. When I shared this with my mother, she said “Oh no! I just got used to you being a vegetarian!”

We get to know our mothers from the inside out, so it is practically impossible to be objective. Hearing so many of charlotte’s friends talk about her from the outside in is a gift I will treasure almost as much as the 50 lbs. of cashmere yarn my mother and I created together over these last 5 years by taking apart some 200 old cashmere sweaters. The yarn which I call “Outstanding Moral Fiber” is a precious legacy wound in the countless meaningful hours we spent together un-knitting—following the thread miles and miles—all the way back to the beginning—not the end.

So many blessings--