Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Virtually---In The Studio

The most exciting thing happened today! Take a look here
All I will say is,"It is virtually as good as visiting my studio."
Oh, I just can't keep a secret. It is a 360 degree image of me x 3 hard at work.

EDIT: In case you want to know more about this amazing picture click here.

I cut this piece off the loom exactly 4 hours before the shuttle arrived to take me to the airport. As you may recall, this is bambu 7, sett 20 epi (with bambu 12 doubled for the weft). I washed it in the machine but decided to press it dry rather than dry it in the dryer. I wanted to minimize the shrinkage and to give the cloth an extra sheen. Bamboo yarn isn't as silky as tencel, but it isn't as wrinkly either.
Do you like the picture turned this way better?


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful light space you have, I have really enjoyed my visit and I haven't even had breakfast yet. But, Bonnie, I thought you were a one-off....!

Jo said...

Hi there,
I enjoyed visiting your studio. What a nice place to weave in! I just started weaving this last year, and I love how *saturated* with color your projects are! Very inspiring. Thanks!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Beautiful! And how did this picture get taken...???? I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Finally! The secret to productivity. Clone yourself!

I wish I'd thought of that.

Bev in Goleta CA

Leigh said...

The colors are absolutely glorious! Well done!

Laritza said...

Amazing 3D picture!

Katherine Regier said...

I love how neat and uncluttered your creative space is! I aspire to get my studio as well organized as yours. I am wondering, however, where you stored all those warping boards from a "Weaver's Twelve Days of Christmas",lol

Valerie said...

Bonnie, now I know how you get so much done. There's three of you working in your studio at one time!!

How cool is that!?

Meg said...

"I cut this piece off the loom exactly 4 hours before the shuttle arrived to take me to the airport."

Oh, the shuttle!!!

Fantastic tour of your studio. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, you are an inspiration to us all! Your colors are glorious and your studio is exactly as I always pictured it, light and inspiration filled. Thank you for sharing with us. - Martha