Thursday, November 1, 2007

Behind the Scenes Workshop

So I had to ask myself, am I the kind of person who always makes lists?! After careful consideration I realize I am a person who makes lists when I am getting ready to take my "dog and pony show" on the road. For those of you who are currently teaching or who have taught workshops in the past, this post may seem all too familiar.

I know some of you out there are thinking about teaching a fiber related workshop, and most of you have attended a fiber related workshop. This is what I do to prepare for a 2-day (6 hours each day) workshop on Color Horoscope Weaving and a 1-1 1/2 hour lecture called "Exploring Not So Plain Weave".

I leave in a week, well now it is six days, but who's counting. Making the list was the first step. See original list here. I haven't figured out how to draw lines through completed tasks, and maybe I just don't want to know. But I have completed 9 items on the list. 11 items I am able to postpone until I return (Whew!) One item I had already done. One item I decided to cancel (The High Tech Low Tech show) And there are 2 new items added to the list. (supplies for trip and apply to a future show)

The following items are in process and will be the focus of the next 24 hours:
Address and mail invitations to NWDC Luncheon (don't even ask!)
Finish editing "Selecting the perfect Fiber & Colors"(for workshop)
Print all handouts for the workshop
Print greeting card backs.
Prepare the 3rd batch of oil (2 completed)
Weave some more Bambu 7/cashmere test scarf (It's coming out so well!)
Horoscope necklaces (Actually I will work on this on Saturday)

Remember I got a flu shot on Tuesday? Well today I feel like I am getting the flu. Now I am focusing all of my energy into not getting sick, so it's off to bed with no pictures.

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