Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Experiment

It wasn't until 7PM this evening that I got to sit down at the loom. I had made some noise yesterday about how much I was enjoying my test scarf of Bambu 7 warp and triple strands of unknitted cashmere weft. As I was taking this picture, Sharon was sending a comment asking to see the weft, so here it is.

The cashmere combines better with the Bambu 7 than the Bambu 12 (doubled). The sett for Bambu 7 is 20 epi and the doubled Bambu 12 is 24 epi. At any rate, the balance seems better somehow. Of course, we will have to wait and see what happens in the laundering for the true test. You can't see navy cashmere I began with. I thought the contrast was too great and settled for some nice lavender, pink, gray, and a blend on those darker stripes (shades of purple).

Happily and joyously I have mailed off the invitations to the NWDC New Members Luncheon. I have printed most of the handouts (I forgot to bring everything, so I will have to make a second trip to the print place.) Now I am going to play with the oils a bit. By Sunday I will have completed everything not directly related to my workshop and subsequent trip to the East Coast and will be focused 100% on Color Horoscope Weaving.

If you have never seen this, you are in for a treat!

Today I received some absolutely gorgeous natural dyed silk yarn samples from Aurora Silks. They took my breath away. Imagine 120 colors!

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Meg said...

Hello, Bonnie, thanks for dropping in on my blog. Beautiful blog and web site. RISD - were you there about the same time as Randall Darwall?