Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Promised Pics

I guess whining about not getting feedback gets some feedback. I'm glad my list was helpful, but I didn't get much crossed off today. The one thing I can cross off the list, however, is something that has been looming (pardon the expression) over me for months: to write a piece called Selecting the Perfect Fibers and Colors for Color Horoscope Weaving.

Not a bad title for the picture above. I had hoped to get a better picture of the entire piece all laundered and lustrous, but I just couldn't get the lighting right. It doesn't look any different than the pictures I took before it was laundered. Sigh. (10/2 tencel)

Today just wasn't a great day with the camera. Part of the problem (or perhaps a great deal of the problem) is these weavings depend so much on being able to touch them and wrap them around yourself. (Bambu 12 and unknitted cashmere sweaters)

Maybe you can get an idea of the drape. I used gray cashmere which gives the shawl an ancient look.

Yes, a bad camera day. Towel warp draped across my bed.(8/2 cotton). I did get my flu shot today, so maybe that's why I am a little off.

Confession: I didn't weave today. It is the first day I have missed since the first of August.


Woven Spun said...

Just stunning. I so wish I could take a class with you. WAH. Hope you choose to do DVDs in the future.

Anonymous said...


As always, your work is beautiful and the colors are amazing. I'll bet the combination of cashmere & bambu yarns is unbelievably soft.

Weaving every day since August is great discipline (and probably also great fun). I am beginning to get inspired to make my own lists - of course, it's difficult when there are so many distractions about. ;-)

Laritza said...

Tell me about choosing fibers!

Terri said...

Hi Bonnie, I so enjoy visiting your blog and catching up with what you are doing. It is always such an inspiration.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming months when I can start weaving your Horoscope Scarf.

Peg in South Carolina said...

As a beginning digital photographer, I have many bad days! I am learning. But I agree about the need to see the real piece live. A truly professional photographer who knows how to photograph fabric could probably give a pretty good sense of the fabric. But he would also have a marvelous camera plus all the necessary equipment. I shall be satisfied with doing the best I can. I am happy I was gifted last Christmas with a digital camera.

Leigh said...

Absolutely beautiful! Very inspiring. I love being able to see your weaving close up when I click on the various photos to "biggify."

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I really love that 'ancient look'. You seem to be able to get so many different colour ranges and moods in your work. You're an inspiration in many ways for me.
Thank you