Monday, November 5, 2007

Moving Along

No pictures today, just words.

As I get closer to leaving on my teaching trip (Thursday), I start a second list. It's a boring sort of list, so I won't give you the long version. It's the "what to pack" list with things like back up batteries for the camera, travel clock, scissors---you know, the things you must have with you.

As for the other list, I've been checking things off right and left. The bambu 7/cashmere test scarf came off the loom today. I will wash it tomorrow and show you. It is always amazing to me how adjusting the sett a couple of ends makes such a difference in the cloth. I finished the 2 horoscope necklaces and shipped them off. I also shipped the Woven Words shawl. The essential oil blends are made and delivered. I put together both of the slide shows, one for the lecture and one for the workshop. I have put together both "show & tells" as well. I haven't packed them up, but I will do that tomorrow. I am always nervous about checking my luggage with my samples. I try to put all of my samples in my carry-on piece since most of my samples could never be reproduced (or at least I will never take the time to do that since it represents weaving going back to the early 70's)

So I am telling you today what I will be imaging tomorrow.

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