Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Almost Packed

Collating notebooks
Notebooks completed
Carry-on bag with woven samples with a pile of woven samples that will not fit . I'm bringing lots of samples. The samples that I will check are ones that I either have similar ones or they are easily reproducible.

The big suitcase has the notebooks, the slides, the samples and my clothes. There is another small bag that has my cosmetics, jewelry, camera, and food. Since I have packed my camera, you won't get a picture of everything all zipped and ready to go.

I can't believe the number of items I crossed off my list to be done when I return. I will attempt to check in as often as I am able. Once again I am bemoaning the lack of laptop.

Onward to Houston!


Anonymous said...

Attended the "Not-so-plain weave" talk tonight. What a delight! We are so glad you packed that great bag o' samples!

Lou in Houston

Meg said...

Oh, me, too, please; where's my notebook? But seriously, I hope you have a great time, because I'm certain your students will have a fabulous time.