Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Our Yarn Inspiration

Another of the vendors at the NEWS Conference was JUST OUR YARN.
Notice the rack of luscious painted 10/2 tencel yarn. Also notice the beautiful tencel horoscope scarf at the top of the rack.
These are the colors I selected for the horoscope weaving and some of the yarn that was leftover after I wove the above scarf.
In one of my Dye Days, I decided to ikat overdye some of the tencel (the colors) along with the bamboo yarn (black, gray, and white). I was curious about how the tencel would dye up, which was great by the way.
Now that I have started to integrate my NEWS experience, I realize I have to have a tencel weaving of my very own and bring another something new in Turned Weft Ikat to my upcoming lecture. I'm not certain what I am going to do exactly, but the only thing I know is that the warp is 3 yards long sett at 32 epi. It will be fun to watch this grow.


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Unknown said...

how bizarre... i was just talking today with my studio mate about ordering some Bambu to finally do my horoscope with and she recommended Tencel... she said that it doesn't just shing, it GLOWS!

so I'm going to get some and she's going to hand dye it for me... odd that you'd be working along the same lines... the stars are aligning for tencel apparently...