Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Edge of........Power Point

Amazing! If I weave just a little bit everyday, having woven happens. I could have finished this off this evening, but I have a pretty full plate and besides, I wanted to show this moment. Have you ever noticed how the last few inches of a weaving takes the longest amount of time?

I am in the process of preparing a program "Turned Weft Ikat" for the Whibey Island Weavers Guild on Sept. 6.
I have a wonderful "Easy Ikat" slide show I have been presenting for quite a while now, but I have been taking digital pictures for the past 4 years. So here I am poised on the brink. Do I buy a slide scanner and laptop? Do I sit down and figure out how to work the power point program? Or do I print out 5o of my best pics from the past 4 years and have them made into slides?

For the past couple of days, I have been printing 4 x 6 digital images having elected to make this year my last year of slide presentations. Now I am having a good time playing photographer. In order for me to have the slides back in time, I have to deliver them tomorrow.
I couldn't resist winding back. I have to stop and keep wiping my drool off this warp.


Anonymous said...

The mix of Ikat and horoscope on the loom is just fabulous. I hope that your structure will be warp dominant. I can't imagine any prominent weft that wouldn't dilute this gorgeous array of color and design! Enjoying your blog...

Laritza said...

Power Point presentations are wonderful. It is well worth the time invested in figuring it out. Slides and prints fade overtime, digital pictures hold up longer and better. You only really need the laptop. As is, you are hard pressed to find a 35mms slide projector anymore. Go for it, it is easy and fast to learn.