Monday, August 6, 2007

Weave Every Day, 2

Even through HP, I continue to weave some on a daily basis. It seems that everyday I sit down at the loom I am a different person. What emerges as I weave is totally unplanned and a complete surprise. I try not to think about what this piece is going to look like (or even what it is actually going to become). Whatever it is and however it looks, I plan to put it in a Northwest Designer Craftsmen Group Show next month. I had to tell them what I was going to submit, so I said I was weaving a scarf. It may become a very very long scarf or a long thin wall hanging.

I discovered some merino wool ikat dyed yarn I had used in a wool ikat blanket and thought it would be fun to play using the ikat in the weft. I couldn't resist introducing the lavender cashmere stripe as I just received this new color. I don't know what I was thinking putting on a red warp, but I must have been in a red mood that day. It is interesting just how little the red actually shows although it does influence the general "look".

I realize I have dropped the thread of retelling the story of my trip, but I will get to it.

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