Friday, July 27, 2007

Five Week Old AJ Loves His Blanket

It's always good to start at the beginning, so here is my mother's sister's granddaughter's son. I don't know exactly what that makes him to me (second cousin once removed?). I needed a baby, and AJ came through for me. Not only did I manage to complete the blanket before I left for Baltimore, but I was also able to deliver it before AJ went off to college:)

If you are looking for a unique baby blanket weaving project, I do have good instructions now.

Although I have returned home and have unpacked my things, I still have stacks of "e" and snail mail left to sort through.

I have downloaded the latest WeaveCast and have listened to half of it. Boy, they get better and better!


Anonymous said...

What a treat, a new Weaving Spirit post! Welcome back to the PNW. :>

Lucky baby to have such a beautiful blanket, and talented second-cousin mumble-whatever.

Thank you for the great comment about WeaveCast, I try!


Cynthia said...

First cousin twice removed -- because your mother's sister's child is your first cousin, and then this child is two generations distant (or "removed") from that relationship.

Your grandchild would be this child's third cousin.

Don't ask me why but I am amused and intrigued by this kind of precise generational accounting.

I've just been catching up on your blog and love the things you've been doing this summer. Must go weave NOW!