Monday, July 16, 2007

Saori Thoughts

I wish I could show you some pictures right now. There are so many wonderful images swirling around in my mind. All the constant input from being in New York adds to my inability to focus and organize my thoughts. But rather than post nothing, I thought I would just write for a while and see if anything worthwhile comes of it.

The Saori Conference was inspiring, the people warm and open. There was much laughter and fun as well as many moments of deep emotion. Did I mention miracles? There were countless tales of the miraculous all woven with just 2 harnesses, 2 treadles and 4 principles.

Imagine a loom you can weave on if you lost the use of your arms! or your legs! or your eyes!
Imagine weaving when you absolutely couldn't make a mistake and the weaving would be guaranteed to be beautiful!

Here are the Four Saori Principles as told to me (and the other attendees) by Mihoko Wakabayashi
1. Ponder the difference of machines and humans.
2. Adventure beyond your imagination.
3. Look out through eyes that shine.
4. Learn from everyone in the group.

I can't seem to find where to create a hot link, but here is her website: for information about Saori looms. to contact Yukako Satone who hosted the New York Conference

I will repeat these along with other Saori Coaching sites when I get back to Seattle and will add them as links. I just can't tell the story of the weekend without pictures, but if you visit some of the websites above you can see some Saori Weaving.

I am pretty tired out after walking around New York all day today in addition to having dinner at the best sushi restaurant ever. I have another day and a half in New York before I head on up to Massachusetts. Tomorrow I will spend the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just in case I haven't had enough input. After that I will attend the new smash hit on Broadway, "Xanadu" (you remember that campy roller disco movie of the 70s starring Olivia Newton John?) Maybe it's better if you don't.



Unknown said...

i'm so anxious to see your pics and hear you recount your experience with the saori looms, sounds fascinating and I still can't picture it in my mind... post those pics as soon as you can!

enjoy Xanadu, I hear its actually pretty good and I do, unfortunately, remember Xanadu the movie... yikes!

Unknown said...

I can't for the life of me figure out how the looms work so that one can take work on and off of it and put another person's on.

Loved the links, thanks for sending them... inspiring.

Bobbie-SaoriSistah said...

Hi Mizz Bonnie! Yes- I too am SO disoriented after the trip to NYC, and I was only there 3 days. The Saori Spirit is as easy to explain as a zen koan--- that is why "coaching" is such a mysterious combination of being supportive and yet non-directive. I am so glad to have met you and hope we have many email exchanges in our future. Keep Warpin'! -- Bobbie Herron

c u r i o u s w e a v e r said...

Bonnie, can't wait to see your photos. i wish I could have went!What an adventure.

甘み said...

really nice works. you gave me a lot pf inspiration. thank you and i will come back to see your works.