Monday, July 30, 2007

Musings After Saori Conference

Considering the Purpose and Power of Weaving

Why do I weave?
After 47 years, why do I continue to weave? What purpose does it serve to me, to my community, to the world?

During my stay in NYC, I met several people who haven't a clue that anybody today still does handweaving or why anybody would. It made me think about about the relevance of weaving (AGAIN). Even people who know and love my weaving, look askance when I proudly show them my latest ikat hand towels (as if to say, why bother). Why would anyone spend the hours to make something to wipe your hands on?

If I am weaving for myself alone, does this make me a dilettante?
If I am weaving as my vocation, does this make me a masochist?
If I am weaving as a means of becoming a famous artist, does this make me a delusional masochist?
If I am weaving as a vehicle for healing, does this make me a patient and wise individual?
a person who understands the cycles of life, the flow of time, soothing the spirit, quieting the turmoil

If I am weaving to make a contribution to my community, I have a long way to go.

I must weave into the future, to weave the unknown, to begin with a blank canvas. To open my heart and mind, pick up the shuttle and begin knowing the spirit will guide my hand.

Anchor the body to let the mind soar.


Anonymous said...

I am testing. Not signed in as blogger just as anyone :D.
I have always thought of skeins of yarn as blank canvas! So much to do!

Valerie said...

Interesting thoughts....

Thread is such an elemental thing. If I could not manipulate thread, I would feel mute.

There's a reason for the phrase "The very fiber of my being".