Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saori Arts Exhibition

Here are some images from the Saori Exhibition held in the Puffin Room in the middle of SoHo. It was a charming space and a delightful exhibition. The Conference was held in the midst of the exhibition. Some people found it distracting, and I guess it was in a way. I have to say I enjoyed having hours to contemplate the display, the loom, the concept.

On Friday at the opening reception, an informal fashion show happened. It was extremely informal. Before I knew it, I was trying on clothes and strutting down the runway. I loved the idea that so many garments fit a wide range of sizes (my kind of clothes). I would have taken pictures except I was too busy discovering my inner model.

A lovely array of scarves and shawls.

I couldn't take my eyes off this huge beautiful hanging! All of my notes from the Conference are in a box somewhere in transit between here and Massachusetts. Please forgive the absence of names. I will fill in names when I have them.

Still, it is fun to look at the pictures.


Laritza said...

Beautiful things! As for the lines of code: when you are in the edit mode there are two tabs on the upper right hand side. One says: Compose the other one Edit HTML. If you click on compose you will see regular text. The edit HTML one will show you the lines of code. Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

What great pictures--glad you finally made the long overdue move to modeling!