Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Looking Through My Photo Archive

Another title for this post could be: PROCRASTINATION

I can't seem to take a good picture of black on black weaving.
The warp is black shimmer chenille (remember shimmer chenille?) The weft is black chenille thrums saved from all of the black chenille scarves I wove in the 20Th century. I took me 4 years to accumulate enough thrums to make a shawl and almost that long to tie them all together.

Weaving black on black is something you want to do on a bright day. Using a white towel to wrap around the cloth beam was a great help as well.

If anyone happens to have any black shimmer chenille they are willing to trade, I am always interested.

Portrait of the Cabbage Goddess. I promised myself I wouldn't post pictures of food, but I couldn't resist.

Remember my Japanese Tree Peony? From time to time I gather up my favorite sticks and dead heads, throw on a natural tussah silk warp and weave up some holiday gifts.

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