Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And The Beat Goes On

Once again, I am faced with a weft choice; and once again, I decide to try all the colors. The warp is 5/2 cotton, and the weft is 20/2 cotton doubled. I couldn't stop weaving. It is slower to stop and change colors every few inches, but it also affords the necessary breaks to minimize the impact on the old body.

Another trick I use during the weaving process is to wind an inch of ikat whenever I take a break. By the time I finish weaving the blanket, I have the next warp all ready to go.

I got so excited to see it off the loom! You should have seen me running around the place looking for a spot to hang it or drape it so I could snap a picture.

Oh yes, I was also equally excited to see what 8/2 ikat would look like on the loom.

Two warps with one picture!

I can hardly wait to see and feel the blanket after washing, but I promised myself I wouldn't work on it until I got to Baltimore. I will have some days there before I deliver the blanket to its owner, and it will be nice to have a project to work on. Besides, I now have this other test warp crying out for completion.

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Christine said...

Your excitement is bouncing off of the blog and it quite catchy! Your work is always so beautiful. You are an inspiration and source of motivation for a slacker like me!