Sunday, May 20, 2007

When I Make a Mistake

What did I do when I walked away from the threading error?

I went out on the patio and photographed the end of the bloom of Japanese Tree Peony.

This part of the bloom cycle is totally amazing.

Then I check in at the warping board and wind a little Turned Weft Ikat for the third panel of the Big Commission.

Then I finish off the Woven Words "Peace in the Middle East" scarf and get it ready to mail off to its owner. This picture shows the sample at the bottom and the new weaving at the top. The bottom piece was (apparently) sett at 14 epi and the top piece at 16 epi. The width is just about the only difference. Well, the 16 is a little more dense, but it really is hard to tell the difference. The chenille is the 1300.

Basically, having another project or two in the wings makes it easier to temporarily walk away from a project without losing the "thread". I keep 4 work stations going at all times (5 if I count the computer). I have the 2 looms, the warping board, and a finishing table for knotting, fringing, and labeling.

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Leigh said...

Helpful post. I only have one loom, so I'd have to use spining and knitting as my workstations. It is usually weaving that I have to set aside for awhile anyway. *sigh*.

A friend sent me a link to your blog, though I would have eventually gotten here via WeaveRing. :)