Friday, May 4, 2007

Dye Day #3

A few years ago, I ran into the lovely ladies of Just Our Yarn at MAFA 05. Check out their schedule, and pay them a visit. Diane had taken a horoscope class from me a while back. When I saw their hand painted tencel yarn, I was drooling. I said to Diane, "I wonder what your horoscope would look like in this lovely yarn?" She replied, "Who has time to weave!" I told her I would weave her horoscope for her in exchange for enough yarn to weave one for myself as well. In a matter of minutes, I was walking away from their booth with an armload of lip smacking tencel. I had never woven with tencel before and saw this as the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

The only drawback to "trying out" a new yarn is 12 colors!

I wove up Diane's horoscope. It was magnificent! If you are wondering where the picture is, well, I never took one. Perhaps I can get Diane to send me one. Even better, I will actually get around to weaving mine.

DYE DAY #3 dawned with the usual clouds and rain. I needed to dye some additional bamboo yarn for the Big Commission, and I looked around for something else to dye while I was at it.

Not only is my experience with weaving tencel rather limited, I had never applied my ikat technique to it either. I wound the balls pictured above into skeins, tied it and over-dyed it along with the bamboo. The grey and black skeins flanking the large center skein is bambu from Silk City. The large skein is from Habu. The yarn looks like a sculpture hanging in my dining room.

The tencel will be another project I will document as I go along.


Christine said...

Tencel is such great fun to dye. I took a class with Diane and Cathie a few years back and we had a great time dyeing lots and lots of Tencel. They make a great team! I hope Diane shares a picture with you.

Terri said...

Bonnie, I have a picture of Diane's horoscope scarf on my blog. You can see it here

Scroll down to 2-2-07.