Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Aahh, Spring

Here I am taking a break from work to hug my Tree Peony. I am stand inside my patio. I wanted to show you just how tall the Tree is, but I think it looks like I'm holding it up in my arms. I'm not, the plant is really that tall.
Back in the studio, I thought I would weave off a quick chenille scarf commission before I begin another blanket panel. A friend of mine saw this scarf sample containing the Woven Words: "Peace in the Middle East" and decided he wanted one just like it. It is an interesting exercise to duplicate something you have woven in the past.
I'll have it off the loom tomorrow. I have a unique finishing technique I will attempt to demonstrate.

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Sherry said...

Ooooh Bonnie, that Peony!!! And then that scarf!! I am so far behind on everything I wanted to get accomplished, in my garden and on my loom. But you've inspired me to get off the computer and get cracking on my loom. Edmonds Comm. Coll. had a plant sale today, so I got some more perennials to round out my garden. Planting begins tomorrow.
I put a 15 yd. cotton warp on my loom and finishd threading it a few days ago. 520 ends took me a couple of sittings to finish. Of course, 25 epi isn't tight enough, so as soon as I finish this first towel I'll have to resley it. Oh, well. :-{