Monday, May 7, 2007

Confessions of a Virtual Gardener

Japanese Tree Peony in Bloom!

If you have never seen one of these "trees", they are pretty amazing.

This picture is shot from outside the patio. That wall is 4 ft high. The tree is over 7 ft tall. There are 16 blossoms this year, a record. Each blossom is about 9" in diameter. A friend bought me the peony in 1990. It was about a foot tall then.

About Virtual Gardening: I love flowers, fruits and vegetables. I love looking at flowers, fruits, and vegetable. I love talking about flowers, fruits, and vegetables. I love picking flowers, fruits, and vegetables. I love eating fruits and vegetables. I just hate to touch dirt!

I am also a virtual quilter, spinner, and dyer, but that's a story for another day.

In the gardening books, it says a Japanese Tree Peony will grow to a height of 6 ft.
It's when you get right up close that you really become captivated. The petals are extremely delicate to match the light fragrant scent. The blooms usually don't last very long. One good rain, and that's the end of them. The patio becomes littered with what looks like used Kleenex.

I've used the dead heads in weaving. I'll have to try and dig up one of the pictures from a couple of years ago.


Christine said...

You hate to touch dirt!! Oh my goodness! I just don't know what to think, maybe your fingers are spoiled by touching all of that Bambu.

Bonnie said...

Maybe hate is too strong a word, "aversion" "disinclination". I do make friends with the farmers at the farmers market, however, and even go and visit some of the farms.