Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pre-Packing Plather

Here are just a few of the supplies I'm bringing for my upcoming workshop EXPLORING NOT SO PLAIN WEAVE at Jockey Hollow Weavers in New Jersey. This will be a "round robin" style workshop if you know what that is. There will be 13 students, 13 looms, and 13 different plain weave variations. Each student gets to weave a sample on each of the looms and ends up with a sample notebook. Tons of fun for the students. Tons of work for the teacher.

The white skeins are bamboo from Habu. The bag of little balls is a lb of assorted un-knitted cashmere. The tubes are Bambu 7 from Cotton Clouds.

I leave first thing tomorrow morning.

I still don't have a lap top computer, so I won't be blogging until I return.

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