Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Mother and a Bunch of Babies

Lunatic Fringe Yarns

proudly presents…

The Tubular Spectrum

12 Color Kit


Designed especially for Bonnie Tarses’ horoscope workshop!

The kit contains 1 ½ ounces (400 yards) of each of these colors;

5 Purple

5 Red Purple

5 Red

10 Red

5 Yellow Red

10 Yellow Red

5 Yellow

5 Yellow Green

10 Green

10 Blue Green

10 Blue

10 Purple Blue

All of these brilliantly dyed mercerized 100% cotton yarns are from the Tubular Spectrum, our signature cotton yarn collection.

We also have weft yarns available in 20/2 mercerized cotton .

Black: 1# cones (8400 yards) for $24 and ½# cones (4200 yards) for $13.

Check our website for more information about these and other great yarns.

And speaking of Lavender Sachets--- I have sewn them all and am now in process of turning them

Trimming and turning has to be the very best step in a very long process. As I turn each one, I get to see them for the very first time as a single entity. (no 2 are alike, I love that!) You remember they are all from the same warp.


I leave Friday and will be gone until the 14th. I will save the stuffing and hand stitching for my return. After all, that will give me a whole week before the Guild Sale.


Valerie said...

You are amazing!

Christa Giles said...

I just rushed over to Lunatic Fringe to buy that kit - finally, a horoscope collection within my price range! I'll be playing with it first as potential knitting, seeing if my ColourFlow Wrap will work using the horoscope chart you wrote up for my sister! Wheeee!

Theresa said...

WONDERFUL!!! I'm pretty darn excited. Looks like another item for the Xmas list.