Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Blogisphere from the Seattle Weavers Guild Sale

Especially Sue Bye! We miss you too.

For those of you who have never been to this sale, let me tell you it is the most amazing and totally fun weaving event I have ever attended (or been a part of). If there is a recession, you certainly couldn't tell by the people lined up outside waiting for the doors to open. You couldn't tell by the bank of cash registers that never stopped working.
One of the things that distinguishes our sale is that all of the creations are co-mingled in departments. There is everything from clothing

To jewlery
To towels

And everything in between. I was told we had 600 scarves in the scarf department this year.

I haven't seen the sales totals, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn we broke all records. I sold 1/3 of my sachets, but I will talk more about that in a later post.

Below is a picture of my purchases. I always buy one towel. I started doing that 15 years ago because I KNEW I would never weave a towel myself. Even though I have since discovered the joys of weaving towels, I continue to select one favorite from the hundreds that are offered each year.

This year we had lots of wonderful dyed yarn. I couldn't resist getting a skein of Bambu 7 to combine with my solids. And best of all I got the brand new publication by Robyn Spady. I don't see a link for purchasing a copy on her website, but if you contact her I am sure you can get your own signed copy--a must have for your weaving library! Be sure to mention where you saw the link.

Now to but my apartment back in order and begin getting ready for my next workshop---Turned Weft Ikat in Bellingham Washington on November 5.

Oh yes, stay tuned for all the posts I didn't make when I returned from the East.


ovelia said...

Hallo from the other side of the world ! I live in Sweden on the westcoast. I work as teacher in handweaving. After x-mas I plan to start a distanse course in handweaving, but I guess that it is a bit too far for you. But what about a summervacation for 2 weeks in my beautiful weaving classroom? Take a look at my homepage
best wishes from Margareta Ovelius

Bonnie said...

Hi Margareta, Do send me your email address if you wish to communicate about Sweden. Thanks! By the way, I looked at your website, but I don't read Swedish (grin)

Dorothy said...

I love the photos, thanks for taking us in for a glimpse of the Guild sale, it certainly looks friendly and fun. I amazed to think of there being over 600 handwoven scarves, how wonderful to be able to see the work of so many other weavers.