Sunday, October 18, 2009

A True Picean Dilemma

What to do? what to do first?
Tell about the absolutely wonderful workshop with the Jockey Hollow Weavers! Can you believe they finished in two days what usually is a 3-day workshop?! I learned so much I hardly know where to begin.


Do I tell about the mind-blowing experience of viewing the spider silk weaving at the Museum of Natural History in NYC?


Do I begin with my making 90 lavender sachets and getting them finished for the sale coming up in 4 DAYS?

Unable to decide, I just didn't post anything. I am so full of weaverly things to share, but the sachets with a deadline have won out. I will post something each day to chart my progress in the run-up to the sale. I really am much further along than the picture above, but that is where I left off in my documentation.

Juicy reports of my trip East to follow after the sale.

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