Thursday, October 22, 2009

All Tagged and Ready to Go

Well, there they are! The final count is 92 lavender sachets. I don't know if it is because I was working with lavender (which is so calming), but this has been a wonderful project from beginning to end.

These little pillows have been created with love and gratitude. I wish you could see them and touch them.

Since each tag is almost as large as the sachet, it is impossible to make the presentation look as sharp as one would like. I do have a concern that the display will look a real mess as soon as people paw through them.

I will report.

Now to the guild and check in......


Sue Bye said...

I hope the sale goes well for you. The SWG sale is one of the things I miss most from there. It's a good one.

Unknown said...

Good Luck !!!

Dorothy said...

I'd love to touch.. and sniff! Will the display have time to look a mess, I'd have thought they'd sell quickly?