Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's the Journey Not the Destination

Somewhere in the middle of sewing labels onto silk squares, drudge transforms into art and I discover the joy in doing the best I can---not thinking about "this is going to take me forever!"

By the way, the black "thing" in the picture below is the black sewing thread I trimmed off from sewing in the labels.

I want to say a word about my labels. They are custom woven labels. I decided many years ago that I should have custom woven labels. I researched to find a company that would weave up a small run (not many would). So back in the 80's, I got 1000 labels. They lasted me 10 years. I ordered another 1000 labels, and they lasted me another 10 years. When I went to order a third round, I discovered the company was no longer in business. But I found a company on line, so now I am weaving through my third thousand. My weaving output is much less now than it used to be, so I expect it will take me longer to use these.

I will be selling the sachets for $24 each. I want to know in my heart that I have put as much time, artistry, effort and love into each piece and hopefully a customer will recognize that.

So I spent 2 hours cutting the cloth into strips. (not an emotionally easy task) Each strip will make 4 sachets. No two will be alike.

But now it's time to do laundry and pack (grin)


Christa Giles said...

Gorgeous! And, interesting insight, thanks for sharing your take on the process :)

Backstory: my sweetie and I have always thought that the recent upsurge in screenprinted art-clothing was cool.. so I bought a starter kit for his birthday, and we have made ONE screen and had ONE night of printing onto a bunch of things... and now it sits, waiting for the next burst of artistic inspiration! (so does the loom, for that matter) :)

Cindie said...

I can't wait to see a picture of the sachets finished - all the parts look incredible!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I love the title. It would make a great blog title!