Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maybe Life is One Long Series of Digressions

So I just spent the past 6 hours sewing 108 labels onto 108 silk 5" squares that will become the backs for 108 lavender sachets I am making for the Seattle Weavers Guild Sale. (See link to the right).

Keep in mind that I leave to teach a workshop in St Louis on Friday. Why am I doing this, you might ask? And why am I doing this now?

1. Since the lavender sachets are featured on the guild postcard, it would behoove me to have some to sell at our guild's wonderful sale (and it is totally wonderful).
2. Once I get back from St. Louis, I leave again in a week for the East Coast and another teaching gig in New Jersey.
3. I return from the East Coast on October 13th, and the guild sale is October 22nd.

Stay tuned...


Christa Giles said...

Have you ever tried silk screening? Aside from the initial creation of the screen (which could then be kept and used over and over and over and over).. it strikes me as a faster option, that can still have really lovely results!

I'm picturing having the silk remain in a larger format, and the screen having your label information printed in two or three columns and several times down the screen... print silk once, set the ink, then cut into individual squares...

... though maybe sewing labels on brings you more joy than I imagine? :)

Cate Rose said...

Have a great trip, Bonnie!