Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mothers of Invention

Meanwhile back in St. Louis I show students how I warp from back to front. One of my goals for this year is to get some YouTube footage of me winding a warp and dressing the loom from back to front. I may have to move that to my goal for 2010, but it is coming. Let me mention Peggy Osterkamp. Years ago she gave me a copy of her first book. Since then she has written much more. I thought her information was excellent and always meant to tell her so. Peggy you are a MOI

For those who arrive at the workshop without their loom warped and ready to go, there is always an inventive soul ready to jump in.

Again let me say hoe thrilled I was to see a Rigid Heddle loom show up at the workshop. This student decided to weave her horoscope in 3 panels. She actually got 2 panels woven during the workshop. By the evening of the lecture, she had all 3 woven and pinned together. Pretty cool!

Here I am at the lecture---Exploring Not So Plain Weave. I like to wear this huipil showing what to do with little scraps of leftover handwovens. I don't have a picture of the back, but it has different scraps. When I am teaching a 2-day workshop, I just turn it around for a new top.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that huipil!!!!!!!! The fact that someone actually wove her color horoscope on a rigid heddle loom definitely encourages me as I contemplate doing mine on a 14" table loom.

svonsosten said...

YOU are a fashion maven Bonnie! Love this pic of you.