Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stepping Forward

Here is a glimpse of my studio on New Years Day. My apartment is like an extremely well appointed cave. Although it is midday, I still have to use lights except for when I weave on Gary who is right in the alcove with windows on 3 sides. Don't get me wrong, I kind of like the cave effect. I know my yarns will never fade.

Speaking of which----my first accomplishment of the New Year. You cannot believe how this feels! I used Bambu 7 for the warp ( sett 20 epi) and combined it with recycled cashmere in 19 different shades.

I made this piece extra long so I could cut swatches to send to those ordering kits from me.
I haven't taken the scissors to this yet, but I will as soon as I finish this post.

And then I quickly re-warped Grace for a Woven Words Commission.


Which brings me to my New Years List....
I wasn't sure I was going to post it, but what the heck. (I have inherited Meg's long posts)

1. Those things for which I am grateful
My creative mind; good health; NIA; my cute apartment; my 90 year old mother; my brother's help; my new and old friends; Seattle weather; the blog world; convenient organic foods; Weight Watchers; The Weaving Goddess; good neighbors; spiritual unfolding; helping hands
2. My accomplishments in 08
The Festival of Moving; reducing my possessions by 1/3; Finished The Big Commission; Order Color Horoscope Weaving Kit on Blog; The Un-knitting Factory; Progress with Woven Words; Scarves for 4 friends who are long term cancer survivors; Healing project at St Marks Cathedral; Published ikat article in WeaveZine; Dye Days
3. Those things still languishing on the back burner
Saving the world with weaving; volunteer work in my craft organizations; updating my website; organizing my papers; selling stuff on ebay
4. Accomplishments I desire in the year to come

(Actually it is a long and boring list which I promise to reveal as I accomplish each one)
5. Things I am ready to release
Self Doubt; Procrastination; Fear; Unwillingness; Constant need to Dine Out

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