Monday, January 19, 2009

So What 's in an Inauguration Day Color Horoscope Weaving Kit?

Color Horoscope Weaving is a unique method of color blending. It is a perfect exercise for those who struggle with color in weaving.

It turns out if you "google" Barack Obama horoscope, it pops right up. (the good and bad part of being famous) Click here to see my completed shawl.

The kit contains a copy of the horoscope and a winding draft that translates the horoscope into color. Also included are complete directions for winding the warp and suggestions for fiber and color selection.

There are 360 ends in the horoscope warp, one end for each degree of the circle. I use 12 colors, the rainbow, but one could use any 12 colors or any fiber. If, for example, you used yarn that sett at 20 epi, you would end up with an 18" shawl. You can mirror image repeat the draft and end up with a 36" wide piece. I often add solid borders to my weaving if I want to add extra width. So really the "kit" is a customized color sequencing system that is adaptable to any weight fiber and can be woven as just about anything.

I always use a straight draw with 4 harnesses, but some of my students have threaded for a bird's eye twill. If you were to use 60/2 silk, it might be best to use 8 harnesses, and I think plain weave or a straight twill are the best structures since the color arrangement is so complex.

INTERESTING FACT: Whatever 12 colors are selected to use, these colors will combine to make over 5 billion color possibilities. The human eye can only determine about 8 million color variations. Like snowflakes, no two horoscope weavings are exactly alike.

The icing on the cake is a woven swatch (Bambu 7 warp, recycled cashmere weft). And to top that off, I offer email support throughout the process.


randi said...

Thanks for the detailed description! It does sound delicious! :) Isn't this just the most exciting and hopeful day?!

Tobie said...

Bonnie-This morning was great and your offer is wonderful too.
I lost my job a few months ago-not such a horrible thing-so am spending lots of time weaving and other fibery delights. I'll order this kit-it sounds like fun.