Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On The Edge

Although my edges are often admired, I have struggled with them for...ummm...48 years. A recent wonderful post by Cally got me thinking about edges in addition to my recent foray into twill. I have to say I was really pleased with the edges on the twill scarf, so I thought I would tell you what I did.

I always use a floating selvedges, but recently I started using these clips to act as weights. The red one is heavier than the orange, so I added a film can with coins inside to match the two. The weight is 5.95 oz (or 169 g).

Something new is that I doubled the floating thread (since the warp yarn was already doubled, I actually quadrupled the floater). I also skipped a dent between the last warp thread and the floater. I neglected to take a picture of the front, but if someone requests it I will.

Have you ever noticed that if you change one little thing, it makes a huge difference?

And speaking of edges, these are the sample swatches I cut and included in the Inauguration Day Special. I didn't cut up the shawl. I wove an extra couple of feet, but they are all gone now.


Valerie said...

Hmmm...interesting. I've always beamed my floating selvedges with the rest of the warp.

Your selvedges are very nice, madame!

Anonymous said...

I've always beamed my floating selvedges, too, but found that it's much easier, and just as effective, to add them afterwards and weight them. I like to use a floating selvedge that's the same color as my weft -- so I try out different wefts and, when I have decided on one, add floating selvedges to match.

I come from the "film can" school of weights, but I LOVE the clips. So much more straightforward than fiddling with cans and quarters. Thanks, Bonnie -- I'm off to the hardware store today!

Bonnie said...

Ann, I like to match the selvedge to my weft as well, but I often use a varied weft. What a good idea to change the selvedge after a weft has been decided!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous swatches! A while back I started using S-hooks to weight my floating selvedges. The neat thing is that I can slip washers onto the hooks to increase the weight depending on the particular yarn. I did try using film cannisters but these days they are in short supply in my house!