Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking Stock and Loose Ends

As I was thinking about packing, I started to wonder about what all of the cashmere would look like in a big pile on the floor. The big red ball in the lower left is a little bigger than a baseball. I have already used the cashmere to weave 11 pieces. My mother sure like to keep her hands busy (grin). I have 16 more sweaters ready and waiting for my next visit.

Oops, I accidentally erased the picture show the next Woven Words off the loom. I will show you more on this, but I kind of liked this picture. Here we see 3 different setts: left 18 epi (unwashed), top right 20 epi (washed), lower right 24 epi (washed)

It is too late for me to wash and dry the 18 epi piece, but I can't wait to do that tomorrow. I will wash and dry it exactly like I did the other two.

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