Friday, June 27, 2008

Reverse Decorating

Packing offers the opportunity to decorate in reverse.
Take away the things that do not relate to the current life.
Here is the scarf collection I've woven since I begin the process of moving.
(Actually there are 3 more I didn't photograph)
These are all Woven Words, bamboo warp and recycled cashmere weft.

Another aspect of reverse decorating is the pack away what you want to keep and create arrangements from the things you want to sell. Any beaded bag collectors out there?

Staging yarn for packing can be decorative as well.

By tomorrow I might discover just how much I have left to do before moving day.


Tobie said...

I have some beaded bags like yours-
They were either my moms or a product of growing up in Baltimore.
I love the idea of traveling light-when you are done with your stuff, please come down and help me with mine!
Tobie Lurie

Leigh said...

I love this. It is truly, "Packing With an Artist's Eye."