Friday, June 13, 2008


I am so excited to present the latest 2 in the "Inspired by Bonnie" column!

WOVEN WORDS present a novel way to introduce color into a woven shawl.

In talking with my friend, the word comfort kept coming up and I felt led to weave that for her. So here is the
COMFORT shawl.
Click over to her blog for more delicious pictures, details, and praise.

My experience with woven words:

I am an experienced weaver and love to weave with many colours.

Whenever I visited your blog I was always impressed by the horoscope and woven-words cloths.

I usually try to make the colours flow in my weaving.

What I like about woven words is the very unexpected arrangement of the colours and the way they harmony. What pleased me is that I do not have to bother the colours look nice.(or not) They are just there and they will find there own place and they look nice.

About the sett. 20 ends per inch feels perfect with the material I have woven with. I am glad you tried 18 ends per inch and considered 20 an inch the best, so there is no need for me to try another sett.



So finally both cloths are finished and I like them both. The red/pink one is warmer and woven with wool.

The turquoise one was woven with two threads of thin silk and is more a summer shawl.

They both have a very good drape. I think the silk one will wrinkle a bit while wearing, the woollen one doesn’t wrinkle at all. It was nice to do the woven-words weaving. Thanks again for all the information.


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